License & Copyright Information


You must purchase this with the image you are requesting an Extended commercial license for. 


Extended Commercial License

             ◾️ Each license will allow you to produce 1 design of up to 1,000 items/sales.

             ◾️ If you exceed 1,000 sales, you must purchase another Commercial License 


🔺 ALLOWED: You may use this design to create the following items.
             ◾️  Clothing (facemasks, t-shirts, tank tops, hats, sweaters, etc)       
             ◾️  Mugs & Tumblers
             ◾️  Signs, Picture Frames, etc
             ◾️  Bags & Backpacks
             ◾️  Holiday items (ornaments, signs, cards, etc)
             ◾️  A stencil to create physical products

🔺 NOT ALLOWED: You may NOT use this design to create the following items.
          This applies to Personal & Commercial Use):
             ◾️ Under NO circumstances may you share, distribute, or sell my designs/digital files, in sections or in a whole.
             ◾️ You MAY NOT resell this design as a digital file on Etsy, your website, Printful, Zazzle & Café Press, or any other site.
             ◾️ You MAY NOT use this design to sell vinyl decal stickers, iron-on decals, nail decals, or die-cut stickers.  
             ◾️ You MAY NOT use this design to create printable templates, sell printed art, framed photos, or images.
             ◾️ You MAY NOT store this design in an online album, cloud storage, or any public sites that have PUBLIC access.
             ◾️ You MAY NOT modify or re-create my design to share, resell, or claim as your own in any way.
             ◾️ You MAY NOT use my design to create or promote anything illegal or obscene (pornographic, racist, or hate-related)


All designs come with a Limited Commercial License, this option has more limitations but is free with your purchase.  
    ◾️ ALL of the information above listed under "Allowed" & "Not Allowed" applies to the Limited Commercial License as well.

    ◾️ You may use this design for personal projects and for commercial use to make up to 100 items/sales.

    ◾️ Credit MUST be given.  If you prefer not to give credit and/or you need to sell more than 100 items, you can purchase an Extended Commercial License.  
    ◾️ View the Extended Commercial License here: 
    If you post your project online (blog, social media, etc.) credit to would be very much APPRECIATED!!

Digital License For Commercial Use

  • This listing is for a digital license for commercial use.   Please read the license agreement before purchasing. 


    NOTE: If the request form is not completely filled out, your license request will be denied. You must also purchase this with the image you are requesting a commercial license for.


    You must include the following:

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. What product it will be sold on or with


    If you have a question, please send me a message HERE or email me at

  • By placing your order, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the License Agreement.