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🔘 Decal comes ready to apply
🔘 Instructions on How to Apply these transfers are included with every order
🔘 Pictures may not depict an accurate size  
🔘 Made in Colorado
🔘 Your purchase will be processed in 1-3 business days
🔘 Items are shipped via standard USPS mail.  Priority shipping & tracking are available for an additional fee.  



Custom Vinyl Stencil (CHARACTERS ONLY) | Painting Stencil | Etching Stencil

  • This listing is for a 1-2  word custom vinyl stencil.  This is typical a single use item and you must allow about 1” to your sizes for your paint brush and acid etching.  Words and characters only, no images. 

    Available Sizes: 2 - 11"


    🛑 SIZES ARE BY THE LENGTH- The length is determined by the start of 1st letter to the end of the last letter 🛑

    🔺 2" decals have an 8 character max 
    🔺 3" decals have a 10 character max 
    🔺 4" decals have a 15 character max 
    🔺 5" decals have a 20 character max 
    🔺 6" decals have a 25 character max 
    🔺 7" decals have a 30 character max
    🔺 8" decals have a 35 character max
    🔺 9" decals have a 40 character max
    🔺 10" decals have a 45 character max
    🔺 11" decals have a 50 character max
    🔺 12" decals have a 55 character max

    🛑 6 - 10 inches have a 5 character minimum 🛑
    🛑 height depends on the font 🛑



    🔹 A random color vinyl will be used unless you request a specific color. 
    🔹 These words on this decal will be hallow, this is for stencil use only.  
    🔹 Orders with standard shipping come with Etsy (Pitney Bowes) shipping only.  This option does not provide consistent movement tracking and some packages may not show any tracking at all.  Priority shipping will be sent through USPS and does have full tracking.
    🔹 Standard shipping in the US can take up to 10 business days. International Shipping can take up to 30 business days.

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